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Freedom Day

Freedom Day

stopthe traffikOn Sunday 25th March we will be marking the bicentennial of the abolition of the slave trade.

The bicentenary provides us with a unique opportunity to remember the full role of Christians during this momentous period and to reflect on the consequences of their actions. It is also a time to assess our own attitudes towards injustice and inequality in our current society, and whether we are willing to finish the work began by yesterdays’ heroes and heroines to end slavery and its legacies once and for all. Nearly two centuries later men, women and children are still being sold into slavery. Human trafficking is the third largest source of income for organised crime, exceeded only by drugs and arms dealing.

We’ll spend some time on 25th March reflecting on some of these issues, but may the stories of heroes like Wilberforce inspire us to seek justice and equality in our own day.

Sunday 25th March

10:45am – Freedom

Part of our series looking at Windows on the cross.


An end to Slavery? Exploring the past, challenging the present.

Explore this issue further at STOPTHETRAFFIK and sign the petition to end modern day slavery.

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